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B You're more likely to be effective if you begin with "softer" tactics that rely on personal power, such as personal and inspirational appeals, rational persuasion, and consultation. C Personal appeals and coalitions are most effective as lateral influence. C Conformity is agreeing with someone else's opinion to gain his or her approval.

Bases of Power Quest. The more a person expects increased future benefits from the organization, the more that person has to lose if forced out and the less likely he or she is to use illegitimate means.

The coercive power base is dependent on fear. Formal power is based on an individual's position in an organization.

You're more likely to be effective if you begin with "softer" tactics and move to "harder" tactics only if the softer tactics fail. C Cultures characterized by low trust, role ambiguity, unclear performance evaluation systems, zero-sum reward allocation practices, democratic decision making, high pressures for performance, and self-serving senior managers will create breeding grounds for politicking.

Still another difference deals with research emphasis. Substitution is not a power tactic. Buck passing is transferring responsibility for the execution of a task or decision to someone else.

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D The more organizations use subjective criteria in the appraisal, emphasize a single outcome measure, or allow significant time to pass between the time of an action and its appraisal, the greater the likelihood that an employee can get away with politicking.

B Most decisions in an organization have to be made in a climate of ambiguity where facts are rarely fully objective and thus are open to interpretation. E Buffing is a defensive behavior that falls under the category of avoiding blame for actions in the organization.

Employees with internal locus of control believe that they can control their environment and they are more prone to take a proactive stance and attempt to manipulate situations in their favor.

B People especially likely to comply with soft power tactics tend to be more reflective, are intrinsically motivated, have high self-esteem, and have greater desire for control. Publishing as Prentice Hall 10 At the organizational level, if Jenn can dismiss, suspend, or demote Polene, assuming Polene values his or her job.

A use of objective criteria in the appraisal B using multiple outcomes to measure performance C allowing significant time to pass between the time of an action and its appraisal D avoiding the zero-sum approach for resource allocation E ensuring role clarity Answer: A second difference relates to the direction of influence.

Leadership research, for the most part, emphasizes style.

People likely to comply with hard power tactics are more action oriented and extrinsically motivated and are more focused on getting along with others than with getting their own way.

Publishing as Prentice Hall 98 Explain with example legitimate political behavior and illegitimate political behavior.

Publishing as Prentice Hall impression on his coworkers and supervisor. D The coercive power base depends on fear of the negative results from failing to comply. David TIF Ch Test Bank for Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy Toward Global Sustainability 13th Edition Wheelen.


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CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The Nature of Strategy Evaluation 1. Most strategists believe that CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The %(7). 2 Votos negativos, marcar como no útil. David_TIF_Chdoc.

Cargado por Jue Yasin. David TIF Ch strategic management. Fa4e Sm Ch a. Balakrishnan Mgrl Solutions Ch Wolfson Eup3 Ch09 Test Bank. 2. Both turn through the same angle. 3. The point on the rim has the greater speed 4. Both have the same angular velocity. 5. Both have zero tangential acceleration acceleration.

6. Both have zero angular acceleration.

David tif ch09 2
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